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Microneedling is the new hit with women across the globe.

Microneedling is tiny micro needles going into your face. It’s effective because it creates channels and opens pore in your skin to allow active ingredients such as serums and acids to get in and do their job quickly.

It can help with acne and acne scars, and many other indications you may want to treat. Microneedling works on the upper dermis to boost collagen.

Skin texture and firmness on the face, neck and chest is improved significantly and many women will have one microneedling session per month.

Numbing the skin beforehand is highly recommended to make the procedure as comfortable and pain-free as possible, but your medical professional who administers it for you should advise the complete procedure to you in more detail.

Staying at the superficial levels of the skin will mean less bruising. So opting to not go as deep will be beneficial for you if you want to get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

Vitamin C and EGF serum can be applied before hand to the skin. Keeping it moist allows the pen to glide easily. Lubrication is key to ensure the pen doesn’t scratch you.

Microneedling can cause blood to be secreted which is normal. Allowing the blood to sit on the face afterwards, instead of wiping it off is extremely beneficial as it’s properties fight infections (anti-bacterial platelet rich plasma) and protect the skin and open pores.

Your face may feel a burning sensation, but applying some aloe vera can soothe it. Your skin complexion will be more rosy, but the skin will restore and become even more radiant over the week. You can use tinted moisturiser, concealer and SPF to cover your skin if you need to face the world with your normal routine!

Keep skin moisturised as you will feel some dryness or flakiness which is normal over the healing process.

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